Hi—I'm Jess. I'm

  • 19
  • An INTP (probably)
  • From the UK
And with me is Kimn, my tulpa, and the namesake of this website. She's a vocal ENFP who takes human form.
My interests include
  • Linux & FOSS Software
  • Silly internet things
  • Literature
I'm here because
  • I want to write, and be a better writer—I feel any writing skill I had has gone down the drain
  • I want to make neocities friends!
  • Web, and homemade HTML more specifically, is my favourite way for me to communicate. Truly the illuminated manuscript of the modern day
My favourites:
  • Color—majenta. (255, 0, 255)—exactly the opposite of green (my least favourite). Those are just the colors I like in a vaccum, and every colour is beautiful in context.
  • Animal—I'm not sure yet, but it'll be whatever is my spirit animal when I find that out. For now, my favourites are deer and cats.
  • Subjects—math and theoretical computer science.
  • Movie—threads, probably.
  • Fiction Book—Piranesi.