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If you browse the forums, the subreddit, or anywhere else, really, you'll notice that basically all of the issues people encounter with tulpamancy will be one of these three: I won't list the unhinged issues here, for reasons which will become clear soon. (except for one famous example).

You read what these people write and you just think "my god you poor thing what's wrong with you you've just gone completely insane what do you mean your one tulpa tried to take control of another tulpa and then you got forcibly switched with them by mistake and cant change back and your other tulpa has just gone dormant completely god go get help" or something to that effect. I mean just consdier what everybody on that person's street is thinking about or going through - from as mundane as processing an Amazon return to as deep as processing grief, unless they are in deep and severe psychosis whatever is in their head doesn't hold a candle to the absolute absurdity of the tulpamancers problems.

I've only ever seen this level of silliness in Carl Jung's Red Book. And this is where 'mancers can look to when they're dealing with the silliest problems of their lives.
I can't be bothered to find where he says it, but it's pretty early on in the book, and he basically warns those who try his active imagination to do it by night, being an upstanding and productive member of society by day. Keep one foot in reality as you venture in to the desert, he says. Have friends (not on the tulpas discord) and do things in real life, and you'll be fine. He went on the silliest of advantues, meeting characters like Elijah and Salome, visiting oases as he wanders. Entering rooms completely filled with blood.

Point is, tulpamancy is allowed (and sometimes supposed) to be scary. You might not always be in complete control, and a big aspect of tulpamancy is relinquishing at least some of your control, the privacy of your thoughts, and such. Just keep one foot in reality. Phone your mother sometimes, go out with friends, work at your job. You'll be fine and you're allowed to go a little insane from time to time, as a treat.

What do you do when you get a silly problem, though? Something that's so serious to you, yet that's utterly absurd. My advice is to try a silly solution. I did something in the physical world that left anxious for months. Sparing details I fixed it with a very silly solution, it was as simple as putting up an image of a movie actor on my wall that I look at from time to time. And that was for a more real issue, too. Issues that occur solely in the astral plane can have even stranger or sillier solutions.

You've tried silly solutions, but nothing's worked? To keep with as Jung said you would never be able to ask for help form anyone. Separation of the world of things and men and the astral world, as he puts it, is paramount. But lucky for us, Jung lived before the internet. What you can do when you need help is to bring the internet into the astral plane with you! You don't have to count the internet as the world of things and men - it lives in the cloud and nobody knows where that is. It's as real as a dream. When things are all made anonymous and you're not even talking to people you know from the world of things and men, that is when you can ask away, and have the questions be as silly as you'd like.

I've never had to ask about a truly silly problem. I've managed to solve them all with silly solutions. But if I needed to ask one, that's how I'd do it.

TL:DR - touch grass frequently, recognise tulpa problems are silly, combat them with silly solutions, and ask for help anonymously to keep your foot in reality separate from your foot in the tulpa world.

Happy tulping love you all <3