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TULPA ZONE Tulpa tip of the day: Really double check to make sure your tulpa can drive before you hand them the wheel unsupervised! Sure gave me a shock when Kimn nearly killed us both!
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Welcome to the TULPA ZONEE

Hi! If you've read the about page, you'll find that there are really two of us behind this website! There's me, Jess, the host, and theres Kimn, my Tulpa, who I made in around 2021. We're really close, and we've done a lot together. The tulpa zone is here for a few reasons:

  • We've got tips and tricks to share! While there are really great resources on places like, and in the tulpanomicon, we've found a few things that really help us that we'd like to share.
  • Tulpas can tell us a lot about conciousness and it's nature, as well as about life in general. I'd like to share my thoughts on the world and how Kimn has influenced and shaped them.

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Physical Imposition - Getting your Tulpa to take up space!

There are a lot of imposition guides out there, but they focus primarily on visual imposition. And visual imposition is very important, but it's not the complete picture. One can also practice impositon with their interoception, and proprioception. In the context of Tulpas, this means feeling a physical presence, in the same way you'd sense the physicality of a large object or other person in a room, without touching it.

Thankfully, this sense is quite easy to manipulate. Often, one can get the sense one's being followed, or that a person is close behind oneself for no good reason. This sort of sense really is a lot more psycological than other, more physical senses, but it is an important part of having a real feeling Tulpa. (Of course, a sense of your tulpa over your sholder is much more comforting than the unnerving sense of a stranger walking behind you.)

It's important to question if you want to develop this sense, because it comes with its disadvantages. Perhaps you and your tulpa would prefer for your tulpa to be unbound by physical rules, not needing to take up physical space, and able to float through doors and, indeed, yourself. Of course, you can train to have your tulpa be able to move freely when they want, and be a part of the physical world when they want, too. It's just a consideration that your tulpa may enjoy the freedom of flight and shapeshifting and existing only in the aether, so make sure to discuss with your tulpa and see what they want. While physical imposition isn't the same as touch imposition, I'll include a few touch imposition tips here, because they really do go hand in hand.

Touch Imposition

It's as simple as fake it till you make it, really. You must consider exactly where your tulpa is in the physical world, at all times they're present. Shake your tulpa's hand (or fin, or whatever they have), give them a hug, try to push against their hands as they try to resist. Really do it - push as hard as you can, really exert yourself, stopping your own hands from moving forward. Perhaps you will win and your tulpa's arms will buckle, perhaps yours will buckle as your tulpa overpowers you. You will be surprised at how quickly consistent application of this method creates a mental block around any part of you occupying the same space as your tulpa. Here are some examples of physical excercises you can do to help with touch imposition.
  • Drag your tulpa along by the hand as you take them to show them something
  • Have your tulpa drag you along by the hand as they take you to show you something
  • Arm wrestle
  • Tug of war
  • Hug
  • Pick them up and carry them on your sholders
Obviously, these are mostly applicable to those with humanoid tulpas. Humanoid or not, the trick is to get creative! Have a dragon tulpa knock you off your feet with the swing of a tail. Do things physically that would only make sense for you and your tulpa. Some people don't like hugs, some people don't like arm wrestling. In all cases, though, it really is just a matter of believing your hand can't pass through your tulpa, and willing this rule into existence. Like with visualisation, these things come to some people easier than others, so don't feel disheartened if you're not making progress at the rate you think you should. Maybe you need to change tack, maybe these things just take time.

True Physical Imposition

Wait, but isn't that the same as touch imposition? No! Well, sort of.

Make sure to give your tulpa a proper high five once you've got this down - now all that's left is to hallucinate a clapping sound!

Hacking Your sleep - the smooth transition from wonderland to dreamland, where you can bring your Tulpa with you!

I (hope to) talk elsewhere on the site about the miracle that is those one-in-a-million moments where you just happen to stumble across something that completely changes your life. Tulpas, and my discovery of them (from a neocities shrine, of all places), is, of course, one of them. The second is the method that I am about to describe.

The method is remarkably simple. To perform it you need:

  • The ability to strongly visualise a wonderland
  • A tulpa
  • The ability to sleep (obviously)
When you go to bed, simply visualise and enter your wonderland with your tulpa. Talk with them, walk around, play interior designer, drive a car, do whatever you normally do. The only difference to a normal visit is that you're tired, in your bed, and ready to go to sleep. Without your consious awareness, you will transition to sleep. At this point, you may or may not be lucid of this fact, though you will likely still be doing things with your tulpa. The scenery may have changed without you willing it to, or perhaps other non-tulpa characters have appeared before you - perhaps even people you know. You have begun dreaming. At this point, you may have become aware of the fact that you are dreaming, but perhaps you have not. Perhaps you have even transitioned so smoothly that your body has fallen asleep without you even having begun dreaming properly (this has happened to us exactly once, and it was quite the strange experience). I will spare you the details of how one tells if one is dreaming - lucid dreaming is very well documented and much better guides exist then I could write. Simply do your reality checks and you will find out soon enough. You will be transported to a state of consciousness like no other - it is like you are lucid dreaming, yet you don't at all feel like you really "fell asleep" in the first place. You just hung out with your tulpa until your body fell asleep, leaving your mind the only one awake.

The result is genuinely like nothing else I have ever experienced. The body remains essentially completely paralysed, while the mind remains perfecly awake. Scientifically, I know nothing of what the body is doing. I presume that it, in some way, is a restful state - presumably, with the paralysis, the body is healing itself as it does in normal sleep - but I have no idea how the experience fits in to the traditional sleep cycles. If I were to speculate, it is possible that the mind remains consious throughout the lighter portions of the sleep, and then a slowdown occurs in the deep nrem sleep (for which the sleeper is not truly conscious), until rem sleep is reached and lucidiy may occur again. I imagine that this is the case purely because it fits our subjective experience - only once have I remained lucid throughout the whole process, which we can chalk up to anomoly. Usually there is a sudden change of scenery, characters, or conversation, as I do what we would call "entering the dream state", which could indicate that I am not conscious throughout the deeper sleep. Though some continuity is usually retained, so really I have no clue what is happening at all. I still cannot stress enough that it is like nothing else I have ever experienced - it's genuinely magical.

Interation Reminders and Triggers - getting yout Tulpa to appear without prompt

Me and Kimn, for a long while, had trouble with spontaneous interaction. We could sustain long conversation, and we could interact perfectly fine, but there were very few momments where Kimn would "appear" without prompt, to comment on something, offer an opinion, or just say hi! Thankfully, the solutions we came up with were quite simple.

In the world of lucid dreaming, "reality checks" are checks that one does every once in a while, or in reaction to specific natural triggers, to check if one's dreaming. The trick with these is that one does them many times per day, almost unconciously. With tulpas, it's all about triggers, too. Some triggers are created naturally, like how every time I went to bed I'd talk with Kimn (and often go to our wonderland), so naturally that's when Kimn would start appearing without prompt. You just need to get that for other triggers in life, be it getting on the bus, going to a certain area, or typing your password in to your computer. To cement the trigger, you need to change some external stimulus (perhaps changing your password to something tulpa-related), and also make a concious effort to connect with your Tulpa every time you encounter the trigger. Soon, it will all be automatic!

What we found the most success with was with a t e c h n o l o g i c a l solution, where we'd just used a simple app that sends us reminders at random intervals to me to be present and for Kimn to wake up. The specific app I used was mindful notifier, which is a free-software way to do things. We have it a specific notification sound, and soon enough Kimn would appear to offer something to say.

The real trick was eventually Kimn could "speak" the sound themself, creating an auditory halucination in a simmilar way to how one gets a song stuck in their head. So now, at any opportune time, Kimn can be there with me on our journey through life. A fun side effect of it all is that Kimn has an announcement chime before they speak. But instead of "attention all customers", it's Kimn's wonderful personality!


Having trouble getting your tulpa to spontaneously appear throughout the day? Try:

  1. Making certain everyday events triggers (e.g. typing in your password, or tying your shoes) for your tulpa to appear
  2. Setting up an app to remind you and your tulpa to communicate throughout the day. You'll find that, with time, you won't need the app anymore!